This is the long awaited debut album of new country/alternative artists Mark Cocker.

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Mark Cocker: Stepping Into The Light

UPC: 709627405020
Stepping Into The Light
Mark Cocker

1. Long Time Gone
2.. Stepping Into The Light
3. Diamond In The Rough
4. Reach Out
5. Tonight
6. Hale Bopp
7. Talk
8. River Of Tears
9. Jacob's Ladder
10. Red Dawn
11. That's What I Said
12. When Love Runs Down
13. Begin Again
14. I Can See Forever

"A powerful album that's very hard to put down , one listen and you are hooked", Country Boy Eddie, Club DJ

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Mark Cocker's Stepping Into The Light!

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This is the long awaited debut album of new country/alternative artist Mark Cocker.
A gifted musician who has performed numerous live concerts throughout Europe and North America has been able to capture all the elements to render a recording worthy of collector's status. This album has something for everyone from new country to pop tunes music lovers won't go wrong with purchasing a copy of this masterpiece.

Mark Cocker is an up and coming new country/pop artist who's beginning to take new country fans by storm. His guitar playing captivates the audiences that attend his live shows and accounts for his ever growing legend of new fans. Mark Cocker will be a force to be reckoned with so watch out Garth Brooks!!

Life is full of twists and turns and is constantly changing direction, one day you can be soaring in the high peaks and next plummeting to the depths of human despair. It's a roller coaster ride with no fixed destination but one which none of us can leave until it stops.

"Stepping Into The Light" the album is a bag of mixed emotions hopes and dreams. It was written during and following one of the most intense periods of my life, it brings together a broad collection of musical styles from country, folk and rock to r&b. You cannot pigeon hole this album as it does not neatly slot into any one category.

After listening to the album you cannot say, "hey that one sounds like...." , because this album is unlike anything you have ever heard before. It has the energy to make you dance, the soul to make you cry and the power to inspire. Within these fourteen tracks there lives a part of all of us regardless of age, creed or color. It contains my heart and soul....I hope you enjoy it.

Mark Cocker

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